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Crux Cross Chapter 4

Crux Cross by Zarlek by ArcNovaXIII

Sign was created by :iconrazley:

Some Guidelines to how i write. 

Anything Bold a location or a time change.

All thoughts and letters are italicized "(Like this)" makes it easier to separate. 

One Last note! If you ever need a reference to a character and the description is not good enough…

Go there! It holds every and all characters! Enjoy the drawings.

Disclaimer=All of them are owned by their respective artists, the characters are all mine. 

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

From the Author

The Thief of Arnett

Last Time in Chapter 3- The group travels through the Dead Woods and as they take a break Zanta and Marissa see Aston’s metal arms and legs. After having a conversation with Matthew and feeling better about his metal arms and legs Aston remembers a place they can go. The town of Arnett, on the way there they run into Baphomet, the group that sent the demons after Matthew. Further through the forest they caught a man that had a sack of souls, the two are related and now the group heads to Arnett to find out how.

Aston was walking down the street and he looked around at the standard houses that were along the road. The houses had front porches on them and kids were looking at the group come through town. The street looked a little empty for a relatively spacey town.

“I wonder what’s going on here” Aston said this as he looked around the place.

The group came up to a bar in the middle of the town. Aston looked right and saw more buildings and a longer street. Aston turned left to see a street go around the corner. He saw someone tumble through the front doors of a bar called “Relief”. Aston kneeled next to the man and saw he had blood on his face.

“Whatever is going on in there can’t be good” Aston said this and the group headed into the bar.

“NO WAY!” a man screamed this at the sight of his dice roll being only 5 in total. He had two dice to work with but that did him no good. “You must have cheated! How does someone roll 2 pairs of 6’s in one game!?” The man refused to believe he had lost and the young woman sitting next to him yawned.

“That’s the same thing the other 20 men said. Now are you going to give up your gold encrusted bracelet or am I just going to have to take it from you?” the young woman asked.

“Take my bracelet that I only keep around in emergencies!? I’d rather kill you first!” The man summoned a gun out of dark energy and before he could pull the trigger his right arm was severed from his body.

The girl held up a black and yellow dagger. She sent the weapon away in darkness and the man screamed out in pain. The girl smiled and conjured dark wind in her left hand. She threw it towards the man, sending him flying through the front door. The man’s gold and black stoned bracelet was lifted up by the girl’s element and it was put on the table. She put on the bracelet on her right arm and she looked over at her sack full of gold.

Aston said nothing and looked around. Aston then looked at the young woman.

The girl had a black top on that easily exposed her huge breasts, not to mention she had on black and yellow shorts. The girl’s face was beautiful and it looked like it was kept together really well. The girl’s black hair fit with her yellow eyes and yellow eye linear. Her lipstick was black she had on a necklace with an expensive stone embedded in it. She also had black leggings and lastly she had black shoes.  She also had also had a very gorgeous and attractive body; many of the men couldn’t stop staring at her with lustful desires.

Shiva Willams By Erucyano by ArcNovaXIII

this is what Shiva looks like!

The girl looked over to the group and she smiled at the sight of Aston.

“(Normally it isn’t my style to rob a cute guy blind but I need all the money I can get”) The girl stood up and walked over to Aston.

“Why hello there, what’s cute guy like yourself doing hanging out with a bunch of boring looking people like these?” The girl asked this and Marissa gently moved Aston out of the way.

“Back up you greedy wench! We have no time for your childish and rigged games” Marissa said this and the girl lightly laughed.

“Oh I’m sorry little bitch, I forgot to care about one word you said just now!” The girl said this and Marissa got in her face.

“Ditto you nasty cunt! Our group is on a sacred mission and it doesn’t involve scum like you” Marissa said this and the girl got in Marissa’s face.

“My shit is pretty sacred, you might need some. It might make your face look a little better” The girl said this and Marissa smiled.

“Oh please, I have no need for such garbage waste. You would look prettier if you stopped swimming around in a dumpster before you went on your evil crime sprees” Marissa said this and the girls began to butt heads.

“Then I take it I can carve off your breasts and sell them on the black market then?” The girl asked.

“Oh no I insist I fill you with holes. It’ll give the men you sell yourself to more holes to fill up with their tiny personal sticks” Marissa and the girl were glaring at each other and Matthew broke It up.

“Alright you two stop it. Marissa leave her alone, but I think you’re right and she’s not worth our time” Matthew said this and Roman nodded.

“Yeah, dealing with this little thief will bring nothing but trouble. Let’s go ask around town” Roman said this and the group turned to the door. The group headed for the door and Marissa turned to Aston.

“Come on Aston, let’s go before this tramp’s bad manners defile our group” Marissa said this and Aston sighed. Aston turned to the irritated girl and walked up to her.

“Hey, can I play a game with you?” Aston asked this and the others froze.  The one most affected was Marissa. The girl was surprised he asked this but she smiled.

“Aston!! That girl is a cheat and a horrible person! She does not deserve our time and effort! Let’s just go around town and ask about what we need to know” Marissa tried to warn Aston but he followed the girl back to her table. Marissa and the group saw Aston’s blushing cheeks and they looked at each other. Marissa mouth was gaped open and she ran after Aston.

“Aston, now I can understand that her body is attractive but it’s attractive for all the wrong reasons! Now come on, let’s go” Marissa tried to tug on him and Aston stood up. He followed her and stood in front of her.

“It’s…well…not just that. I feel she knows something about the stone and I want to find out what that is.” Aston said this and sat at the table. Aston looked at her exposed chest and couldn’t help but blush. The girl acted like she didn’t notice and held out her hand.

“My name is Shiva Williams and this game will be a wager between two things we want. So if you were to win, what would you want from me?” Shiva asked.

Aston pointed to Roman and Roman threw him the sack that held their stuff. Aston reached inside of it and pulled out the red stone and the sack with the demon souls.  

“Any information on why this stone and these souls are related. That’s all I want” Aston said this and the girl was a bit puzzled.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do anything nasty with my body? If you won you could do whatever it is you wanted. But just let you know I haven’t lost one game in years” Shiva said this and Aston shook his head.

“No, I want to help my friends. I will not lie; you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life. But I won’t let that fact destroy the goal we have as a team” Aston said this and the girl pulled out a deck of cards from her side.

“You sound like you’re giving up something that is dear to you for the sake of someone else.” Shiva said this and Aston nodded.

“Yes, I am.” Aston said this and Shiva quickly gave Aston 5 cards. She put her own 5 cards down and they remained face down.

“Well I commend you, but that won’t get you out of this game of “21”. Our cards remain face down and we have to hope that we got 21, you can’t be under and you can’t go over. If we both go over then it’s a tie and we keep going until there is a winner” Shiva said this and Aston understood. “Would you like to add another card?” Shiva asked.

“No, I’ll go through with it” Aston flipped over the cards and saw that he had a 6, another 6, a 3, a 2 and finally a 1. This equaled 20 once you added all of the numbers up, Aston sighed but felt hopeful.

“Wow, that’s the closet someone’s every gotten. Now it’s my turn” Shiva flipped her cards and she got a 7, another 7, a 3, a 3 and a 1. This equaled 21, making Shiva the victor. “Looks like I win” Shiva said this and grinned. “Now, since we did bet a wager I’ll be getting something” Shiva said this and stood up. She looked at him and looked at every inch of his body. She felt his arm and for a second she couldn’t believe what she was feeling.

“Are you alright?” Aston asked. Shiva quickly gained her composure; she cleared her throat and put one hand on her hip.  

“You don’t look like you have anything valuable so I’ll just get a favor out of you. I want you to come to my house, I’ll explain the rest once we arrive” Shiva said this and Aston sighed.

“Alright, lead the way” Aston followed her and the group could only watch as they left. Marissa was fuming mad and Matthew sighed.

Aston followed Shiva around the corner, every chance he got he would peer at her chest or her butt. He felt it was wrong but Shiva’s beauty was too captivating.  Shiva only glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. She knew he was staring her chest as it bounced to and fro. She only kept her seductive but proud smile on as she walked to her home.

Soon they reached Shiva’s house. Shiva’s house looked to be a two story building that was made of brick. The rooftop was a housetop variety and the chimney was giving off some sort of smoke. Aston walked to the door and Shiva walked in front of Aston. She opened the door and he walked into the house.

Aston looked around and saw walked to the room on his right. It was the guest room. Shiva’s guest room had a couch, a television, a small table and a ceiling fan. Shiva sat on the couch and looked at Aston.

“Aren’t you going to take off the suit?” Shiva asked.

“(No, I need to keep that part of me secret from whoever this girl is. Didn’t she say her name was…Shiva?”) Aston thought about the name for a second and it felt like shot him through the mind. “(I know this girl! And if I pull this off right, I can get her to tell me the information without having to do a thing!”) Aston walked into the guest room and sat on the couch.

“Hey, do you remember a guy that…lost his arms?” Aston asked. Shiva looked at Aston with eyes that were full of surprise.

“(How does he know about!? No….He knows nothing about that incident”) Shiva smiled and thought about her next words.

“If you want to gain my thoughts then you’ll have to beat me in a game.” Shiva said this and Aston sighed.

“I came to your house; I’m not playing a game just to hear about something….never mind. Forget I asked” Aston just sat back on the couch and Shiva’s interest was piqued.

“Well, if you’re that interested I suppose I can spare the information this one time, especially since you kept that carrot headed bitch off my ass at the bar” Shiva moved closer to Aston and sighed.

“Yes, I know of a boy that lost his arms and legs. He died a long time ago and…well…he…died because of me. An evil bastard decided to sink into his cardinal pleasures and rape girls from around this town. The girls, after being man handled, were sold to a cave that is off the outskirts of a city; it is north east of here. There the girls would spend their lives gathering souls and whatever else a group called Baphomet wanted.” Shiva sighed and looked at the ceiling.

“I was up next, my parents tried to resist but they were killed immediately. I was in a corner and had nothing to fight back with. Soon after a boy came to my rescue, lucky for me this boy was the son of one of the leaders of the evil cult. The father laughed at his own son’s efforts. The father stated if the son could endure the pain that one of the girls would have to go through, I would be spared. In that cave your hands and feet get worked to the bone, it’s like you have no legs and arms. So that’s what he did.” Shiva’s eyes began to leak tears and she wiped them away.

“He was then bound in front of the bar and his own brother cut off his arms and legs. He was thrown out into the crowd and was asked if anyone would take him. My heart sank when no one wanted to help him, I tried to raise my hand but the other people were shouting. “Monster, demon, and good riddance.” I was enraged with the people and ran towards the boy. I picked him up and with all the strength I could muster I took away from the city. I was growing tired and soon I collapsed. When I woke up the boy was no-where to be seen. He was eaten by the demons in the dead woods.” Shiva stopped her story there. She was welled up with anger.

“Someone that brave and selfless…being fed to such monsters! Those Baphomet people, the people in this town. They robbed me of my parents and my knight in shining armor!!! He lost everything just so I could live and that’s how he was treated?! I was consumed with rage but I molded myself into a thief. I would rob the people in this town, the bastards from the Baphomet cult, just like they robbed me when I was 7 years old.” Shiva said this and stood up.

“I will take the world’s spoils and then keep it all to myself. And I wouldn’t stop until I stole his brother, his father, and lastly that legendary monster’s head. I will ruin him just like he did me. That I swear!” Shiva said this and turned to Aston. “Sorry, I tend to get carried away when I explain that” Shiva sat down on the couch and Aston sighed.

Aston took off his suit and Shiva saw the metal arms. Shiva only covered her mouth with her hands, tears streamed down her eyes and her face which was ridden with shock. She was finally was able to get out a name.
“A-Aston?” Shiva was paralyzed, not a single thought dared crossed her mind.

“Yeah…it’s me. I don’t know how but I woke up with these arms and legs in an angelic city. After that, well…it was a normal life, until Baphomet sent demons over to our city. Then we ended up here” Aston stated this and Aston turned to the exit of the room. “Well I gave you your favor” Aston walked towards he door way and Shiva towards Aston. Shiva hugged him from the back and she refused to let go.

“No! You are not going anywhere! You are mine and my possessions stay with me!!” Shiva’s tears streamed down her face and Aston felt them falling on his back.

“It wouldn’t work, Shiva it’s not going to work out okay” Aston bitterly said this and Shiva’s grip got even tighter.

“Then we’ll make it work! When I lost you I lost everything, those Baphomet bastards stole you and my parents! I’m not letting you fight them alone, if I heard you died while fighting them…I….I…couldn’t live any further” Shiva said this and Aston clenched his teeth in anger.

“SHUT UP! You are a girl of greed! No matter what me and my friends would gain you would just try and steal it. It’s a part of your nature to be evil and it’s a part of our nature to be good! We are the ones who are going to get home and figure out some way to put that legendary monster into the ground!” Aston said this and Shiva was beyond shocked. She let go and slowly stammered back.

“You’d just be getting in the way just like you were at the bar. Your greed is beyond saving now. Now go back to that bar and steal everyone’s wealth and money. It suits you better than being with me” Aston said this and headed towards the door.

Shiva quickstepped in front of the door and held out her arms. She did not summon her weapons, she also did not move.

“I will not move. You are my everything, all the gold in the world wouldn’t even be obtainable if you had not given up what you did. You will never be able to experience what it truly feels like to walk, to feel. Even if you felt my huge tits. You’d never be able to truly feel the warmth of them…and it’s my fault for being weak… for not being able to save my mother and father” Shiva said this and she held up her face.

“My face wouldn’t be as beautiful if you didn’t pave the way for me like you did. Aston, what keeps me standing here is because I refuse to lose you to anyone. Not a girl, not Baphomet, not even my own weak resolve. I wish to obtain the riches of the world, but what good will that do if I can’t be happy with the one I care about the most?” Shiva asked this an Aston could not respond to that.

Shiva walked over to Aston and she looked into his eyes.

“Aston, I will steal your heart, your life, your sperm so that we can make our kids…I am a thief and I cannot change that. But do not think I will be a hindrance. Quite the opposite, I will be your greatest ally, in love….and in battle” Shiva said this and got closer to Aston’s face.

“Aston….I…Am a demon and I will say this…I don’t care what you became while you were gone…I…I love you” Shiva said this and kissed Aston on the lips. She did not pull away until received that kiss and returned it to her.

“Is it even possible to love half a man?” Aston asked.

“No Aston, you’re more of a man then anyone I know” Shiva said this and the moment they now shared seemed to last forever.

With Matthew after an hour later.

The others were at the bar and the doors opened. Aston and Shiva were standing in front of them. Aston had some new clothes on. He had on a blue and gold top and the pants looked like loose gold and blue jogging long pants. He had on blue shoes and metal arms were visible.

Comm  Aston Freeman By Shinobi Gambu by ArcNovaXIII

This is the guy that made the drawing!
this is what Aston looks like!

“Ta-da! Aston looks ten times better than he already did! That and he’s not worried about his metal arms and legs now. Good thing I bought him some new duds huh?” Shiva said this and walked over to Matthew.

“By the way, before I forget…I heard that you helped Aston and didn’t keep him from getting an education. I…thank you for that Matthew” Shiva held out her hands and Matthew shook it. Shiva then looked at Zanta.

“You look alright.” Shiva said this and turned to Roman. “You look okay but you seem like a cool guy” Shiva then turned to Marissa. “You…don’t even get me started on you” Shiva said this and Marissa twitched in anger.

“The feeling is mutual” Marissa said this and Shiva just turned from her and now faced Aston.

“Now you asked about Baphomet? Well there is a cave up north that has a good amount of prisoners in it. Not only could we find something out, but we could steal all of their goods. And if there is one thing I will always be up for its stealing things that they own.” Shiva said this and Aston sighed.

“Only problem is that we have no idea where in the northern direction it is. So we’re just going to have to go search for it.” Aston stated this and looked towards the door. “So where do we search?” Aston asked.
“I know of a place where these guys meet regularly. We’ll just fly over there and take their stuff” Shiva said this and the others looked at her.

“Are you sure?” Matthew asked.

“Of course I’m sure. Alright 4 eyes, I’ll be right back” Shiva left the room and grew out a pair of demonic wings. She took to the skies and Matthew looked to Aston.

“We’re not letting her go alone are we?” Aston asked.

“I never planned to sit here in the first place” Matthew said this and titled his glasses. The two left the bar and Marissa leaned back against her chair.

“I’m not going. I don’t trust that tramp as much as I can fill her with holes” Marissa said this and Roman yawned.

“Yeah, that I agree with somewhat” Roman said this and a bartender put a drink on his table. Roman began to drink the can and the girls looked at one another.

“You drink?!!” Both Marissa and Zanta asked at the same time.

“Oh, I never told you guys. Well…I can’t even remember why. I just always had something with drinking. I started at 10, everything before that is a mystery in itself” Roman said this and finished the can.
“O-okay…” Zanta couldn’t really think of anything else to say. “(Does Roman have partial Amnesia?”) Zanta only wondered this as she saw Roman drinking away.

With Shiva, Matthew, and Aston 20 minutes later.

“We’ll be heading near an area with open space. Once you’re past the woods you start to go into a plain area called the Black Grasslands! Oh, and just in case you didn’t already know this side of the world is called Regnum!” Shiva explained this while they were flying towards their destination.

“So that’s what this side of the world is called. We never really studied about the other side at school. I guess your mom and the other angels wanted to act like it never existed” Aston said this to Matthew and he nodded in agreement.

“That I can understand. Keeping the demon half of the world a secret makes sense when the world is split into two sides.” Matthew said this and saw an area that looked like it was past the woods.

There he saw a group of the same black and red robed members he saw earlier. They were having a meeting and the members were talking amongst themselves. Over near one of the trees was a sack that had colorful gems in it. Also near that sack was a map that seemed old but valuable.

“(A map and collection of gems! I think I’ve found nice vein of cash! Now it’s time to steal it all.”) Shiva turned to see Aston change his arms into his claw gauntlets. Matthew summoned his staff and Shiva smiled.

“It’s okay guys, I’ll take care of these losers.” Shiva said this and Aston was about to protest but Shiva put her finger on his lips. “Aston, you’ve done enough for me, it’s time I did something other than just buy you clothes.” Shiva said this and a dark aura came over her body.

Shiva was no longer seeable and Aston looked around. Matthew couldn’t see where she was either. They looked down and Shiva was moving behind the trees. Shiva walked to the center of the meeting and in her right hand and small dark orb appeared.

Shiva threw this on the ground and a smokescreen enveloped the area. The members of the cult began to cough and soon blood curdling screams were heard around the meeting ground. After the smoke cleared 7 of the members were dead. The other members looked at her in rage

“You bitch! Wait a minute…I remember you! You were that thieving wench from the other night!” One of the men said this and Shiva thought about it.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I want to recall the memory of man whose already dead” Shiva said this and the men laughed.

“I’m not dead yet you!” Before the man finished his sentence his head was already severed from his body. His head rolled on the floor and the other men were furious.

“KILL THIS BITCH!!” the men summoned machine guns and they fired.

“Guns, please” Shiva summoned her gold and black daggers and her arms only moved.

Shiva was slicing the bullets before they could reach her face. She kept cutting them and moved forward. As she got closer the men got more worried. The guns ran out of ammo and Shiva was now standing before them.

Shiva quickstepped before the one on the farthest left. She horizontally cut through the men in a straight line. She flung their blood off the blade.

More came from the trees and they all were carrying swords. Shiva let the dark aura build in her body and she took one step back. An exact clone of Shiva was created but the clone was motionless. The Baphomet members stabbed the clone and the clone exploded in a current of deadly wind. The wind cut off the body parts of those that were close enough, the others got blown away.

Some of the members hit the trees and Shiva’s blades disappeared in a dark light. Her dark aura turned into knives made of demonic energy. These knives floated around her and she took them from the air.  She threw them towards the men and the men were pierced in the brain and heart. Soon even those that attacked her from behind were dead.

Shiva smiled as the blood seeped from those she despised. One man that was bigger than the others came from the trees and got in fighting stance.

“You little bitch! You’ll pay for screwing with our cult of perfection!” The man said this and smashed his fist against his chest. The same red stone that was on the chest of the man that turned into the bat was on this man’s chest as well.

The man’s face grew tusks and he his nose changed to that of a pig. His entire skin became rough looking fur and he fell on all four. He roared and his eyes were now glowing red.

“So he became something of a Porch” Matthew said this as he landed near Shiva.

“I told you guys to sit back and watch. I can handle this overgrown pig” Shiva said this and the man charged towards them.

Aston flew in the way of Matthew and Shiva and his arms transformed into his weapons. He held back the boar man but he was being slowly pushed back.

“Matthew, blow him away will yah!” Aston said this and Matthew nodded.

Matthew teleported to the boar man’s side and held out his hand. Matthew’s holy aura came over his body and spiraling golden wind surrounded his right arm.

“Time to blow him in, Vacuum!” Matthew commanded this and the wind torrent shot off his arm and grew the size of the boar man.

The boar man was sucked back by Matthew’s spell. The boar man was now encased in a golden wind sphere. Matthew turned to towards the trees and pushed his hand against the sphere. The boar went flying through several trees. Matthew flew to the air and holy aura came over his right staff. The staff duplicated and now Matthew had two staffs that were identical to one another.

“So that’s how an angel can clone” Shiva took note of that and Aston nodded.

“Yep, an angel’s energy is based on life. Holy energy can manifest life into something so if an angel is second stage they can create a clone of their weapon and even themselves. If one would try to clone themselves and then use their weapon it would be quite tiring on the body. Someone like Sonia could easily do this, for me, Matthew and the others. We’ll just duplicate our weapons for now” Aston explained this and Shiva understood.

“But since a demon’s energy is more destructive we get a dummy bomb. Not to mention we thieves can do an after image deal in which we can split into 5 bodies but none of the bodies are tangible. Meaning only one is real.” Shiva said this and Matthew transformed his staffs into two rifles.

Matthew charged both rifles and fired two charged shots. Matthew’s second rifle disappeared into a golden light and Matthew saw the boar man was still charging, despite the hole in his upper left chest. Aston ran towards the boar and the boar raised his fists. Aston and the boar man were colliding punch for punch. Soon their trying to wrestle one to the ground.

“I’m going to rip those arms off of you worthless torso!” The boar man said this and Aston grinned.

“Oh really? How many arms do you think I have?” Aston asked.

“Well that’s easy dumbass, the answer to that is---“The boar man was about to finish his sentence but two metal arms picked him up.

“4, now I wonder how many punches you can take!” Aston’s extra metal arms threw him up and Aston reeled back his fists.

All four arms began punching the boar man wherever he could be attacked. Aston did not stop until he landed a solid uppercut against the guy’s chin. This sent him in the air and the man coughed out blood. Aston’s extra arms disappeared and Shiva ran past Aston.

Shiva was up next, Shiva moved faster than Aston could blink. Shiva raised her right foot and when the man was in range she kicked him in rapid succession. She was kicking him so fast that his body did not hit the ground. Shiva ended this attack with a high kick to his face. This sent the boar man to the air and he landed on the ground.

The boar man’s dark aura was growing out of control and he howled in fury.

“YOU SHITTY BRATS! I’LL CRUSH YOU FLAT!” The boar man roared. He conjured all of the power he could and ran towards the group, knocking trees and anything else aside.

Matthew held up his staff and a wind cloud appeared above an area in which the boar man was running.

“Now, Aria!” Matthew said this and wind droplets began to rain from this cloud. The hundreds of droplets that were raining made the boar man slow down and by the time he was at the edge of the clouds range the beast was halted. “Finish him off!” Matthew ordered this and Aston grinned.

“Yes sir!” Aston rushed towards the boar man and his right fist charged with a lot of power. Aston then released this power in a devastating uppercut. This sent the boar man flying to the air.

Shiva charged dark wind at her feet and leaped into the air with the speed of a bullet. She grew out her dark wings once she was above the man and her body was covered in dark aura. She flew at incredible speeds and stabbed the guy right were the gem was. The boar man gave out a blood curdling scream as he hit the ground and then he died. Matthew and Aston high fived and Shiva leaped off the boar’s man’s dead body.

“Okay, so that was a little harder than expected, now I really want to know what is the connection to the souls and that stone I just stabbed” Shiva turned around and saw it was bits of dust now. “Aww, I hate destroying shiny stones.” Shiva only sighed at that fact. Matthew saw the map and picked it up.

“I’m going back to decipher this. I’ll meet you back with the others!’ Matthew said this and flew off.

“Alright, let’s head back Aston. The sooner we get you out of the clothes is the sooner I can make you…” Shiva said this and turned to Aston. Her sentence ended abruptly when she heard the sound of gems shaking in a bag.

“Hey, a bag of gems. The guys here must have got it from that cave” Aston felt the weight of the bag and grew excited. “Hey I can use this to buy some stuff on the way!” Aston said this and Shiva’s mind self-destructed at the thought of losing the gems.

“(HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THE GEMS?! No! Those gems were mine! I spotted them and….wait…Don’t worry Shiva, you can always steal them from…”) Shiva’s thought process stopped when she realized who had the gems.

“(NO!! I can’t steal from Aston! He’s my everything! Stealing from him would be like laughing at what he did for me. But…THE GEMS! They're so sparkly and they look to fetch a good price! I could make money off those…but…I want Aston to strip me naked and make me feel good inside! I’m caught in between my two loves, money and the man of my dreams!”) Shiva’s mind was struggling with what to do and Aston looked at her for a second. He smiled and turned from her.

“OH LOOK! A bag of expensive gems that is within my hands. I shall now put it at my side, I surely hope no one comes and steals this money! Especially not a hot, sexy, and strong thief girl! That would certainly make my day go south!”  Aston said this and was being sarcastic the entire time.

Shiva felt touched and smiled. She quickly moved to the sack and took it. She put her arms around Aston’s shoulders, making sure to squish her large breasts against his back.

“Thank you your patronage” Shiva whispered this in his ear and disappeared in an instant. Aston only smiled as he turned around to see she was gone.

Aston was heading back to Arnett when she saw Shiva was sleeping against a tree. Aston thought about it for a second and then walked near her. He moved Shiva’s head and placed it on his shoulder.

“I know it’s cold because it’s metal but I hope it is a good pillow” Aston said this and Shiva smiled at the sound of his voice.

Matthew came through the woods with Marissa and saw this. Matthew smiled at Aston’s reward.

“(So you finally got that hot girl on your shoulder. Congrats, you got something I could not do on my own.”) Matthew said this and turned back to the direction that he came from. “You gained the one you cared about though hard work and determination. I was given mine like a present one would obtain on Christmas Day” Matthew said this and headed back.

“What? Matthew that’s not true at all. Matthew!” Marissa called out to Matthew and followed him.

“Those two are really noisy” Shiva said this and kissed Aston on the lips.

“Yeah, think we should go back” Aston asked.

“No, let’s stay like this for a little while longer” Shiva said this and dosed off back to sleep. Aston only smiled and laid back against the tree, sleeping with one he cared about most.

End of Chapter
HEY! Chapter 4 is out! introducing the sexy and alluring thief, Shiva Williams! I hope you like this, rather long, i promise the next one isn't that long.

Next chapter-coming soon

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