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Submitted on
June 16


14 (who?)
Remeber, this is character expansion only, not prize expansion, character expansion. if you want to draw the Crux Cross characters go here
This means more characters are open to draw!…

Alrighty! It's bout time i stopped being stupid and realized that Beast Heart has a special place inside my soul. That and huge hole within the wallet! So in order to state that the contest has been extended in what you can draw! You may now draw not just Crux Cross and it's characters, but Beast Heart and it's characters as well!

same prizes! more characters to work with!
So when i get back around and around Octoberi can pick a winner and pay said winner!

So the prizes are.

first place

50 dollars for the winner

3 month premium

and a thousand points

2nd place winner

35 dollars

500 points

2 month premium

3d place winner

20 dollars

400 points

1 month premium

Olivia by Xiarus by ArcNovaXIII

Liana and the orphange by Yamikou by ArcNovaXIII

Hannibal, drawn by TalitaPersi by ArcNovaXIII
Kira Stella by Seonidas by ArcNovaXIII

Nimbus and Lucas by Rankillerchef by ArcNovaXIII

Leafa Adrianna Water Whip by Seonidas by ArcNovaXIII

Molly Arcane By GuardianofShadows by ArcNovaXIII

Jet And Jubiya rock levitation By Rankillerchef by ArcNovaXIII

Cain Kabana by Jadenkaiba by ArcNovaXIII

Cain Kabana's Lunar Gullotine- By Kawaiibentobox by ArcNovaXIII

Rowan Brando by JadienKaiba by ArcNovaXIII

Luba Redo By CristianAc by ArcNovaXIII

Adel Beast By JadienKaiba by ArcNovaXIII

Nancy Regis! by CristianAC by ArcNovaXIII
Comisssion paid  to do. Ebon Cairo By Ninstrosity by ArcNovaXIII

Eante Spada by Horoharo by ArcNovaXIII

Tiffany Adrianna by Legendarysoul2 by ArcNovaXIII

Jubiya C. Joy By Fuyuni96-d6 by ArcNovaXIII

Travis Conley Redone  by SoubisAngel by ArcNovaXIII

Lucas Vandora By Junchuu by ArcNovaXIII

Jet A Hachet by GasherSquash by ArcNovaXIII
Hana Stella top redone by ooStratoZoo by ArcNovaXIII

Austin Kang-Request Done by Ninstrosity by ArcNovaXIII
Canon Beast By Disasterphe by ArcNovaXIII

Lin-Li Kang by G-Wolf101 by ArcNovaXIII
Melina Kabana by Inokills by ArcNovaXIII

Ica Vento By  SoubisAngel by ArcNovaXIII
Eva Cairo by Mi-chan4649 by ArcNovaXIII

These are my lovely creations of my other Story

BeastHeart Title by ArcNovaXIII

Beast Heart! So without further ado i now expand the contest to these guys! which means the contest can be drawn with these guys to.

The same rules apply yaoi, yuri or hentai.

2. realtionships or double drawings can be

Cain X Leafa
Moonlit Kiss Scene by rejuvenesce by ArcNovaXIII

an example of this

Hana X Nimbus
Nimbus and Hana Request  done By BlueflamesofSatan by ArcNovaXIII

example of this

Ebon X Eva-rather husband x wife

Luba X Adel

Travis X Liana
Blonde Love Kiirausunaii-d7crrb9 by ArcNovaXIII

an example of this

Tiffany X Eante

Hannibal X Kira

Austin X Olivia
Austin and Olivia by RanKillerChief by ArcNovaXIII
example of this

Jet X Jubiya
Jet And Jubiya rock levitation By Rankillerchef by ArcNovaXIII

An example of this

I think that's it.

you may also do sibling drawings!

Siblings are

Nimbus and Ica

Tiffany and Leafa

Cain and Melina

Cain And Melina Kabana By Solchan by ArcNovaXIII

an example of that

Austin and Lin-Li

Adel and Canon

Kira and Hana…

those from this gallery on this expansion!

1. can draw ecchi as long as it's safe for work attire

2.  traditional or digital does not matter, and you can make anything! pixels, icons, the whole gauntlets worth.

3. do not let your skill of drawing scare you, determination and hard work triumph over skill, trust me i find that relative now a days.

4. make them what you like, you don't have to have them big boobed, you can make them whatever the hell it is you want to them to!

5. Also note that more characters are going to be added to this gallery, at least 3 to 4 more so look out for them!

6. You must link the journal to others if you wish to join!

7.You have to watch me if you want to catch updates, not saying it's required but if you want to catch material you can use or things that may change a bit with the competition a watch is recommended!

8.  Last Rule, have fun! this is supposed to be for fun and what not!

Oh, and if anyone  who has drawn for me before wishes to join

remember, this is not another competition, but a character drawing expansion! drawings will be put here, oh and don't forget the chibis!

Tiffany Chibi by ArcNovaXIII

Shula Chibi by ArcNovaXIII

Liana Regalia  Commission  By Winter3211 by ArcNovaXIII

Leafa Chibi Request made by  By Gashersquash by ArcNovaXIII

Cain Chibi by GH-07 by ArcNovaXIII

Melina Kabana By Young Ho by ArcNovaXIII

Nancy Chibi  by lady nightstars by ArcNovaXIII

Ica Vento Chibi by ElyFelt by ArcNovaXIII

Chibi Adel Beast By Simonnex by ArcNovaXIII

Chibi Molly By Michaou by ArcNovaXIII

Eva Cairo Chibi (commission) by Gashersquash by ArcNovaXIII

Travis Conley Chibi by kiyoribun by ArcNovaXIII

Jubiya Chibi by Chibiria by ArcNovaXIII

Nimbus Vento  Chibi  by Jojobania by ArcNovaXIII

Luba Chibi made by Ryudou-Ai by ArcNovaXIII

Jubiya Chibi by Chibiria by ArcNovaXIII

Austin Kang  Commission By Eruzascarlet by ArcNovaXIII

Lucas Chibi by Junchuu by ArcNovaXIII

Chibis, ponies, whatever is it you want is welcome!

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FlameRoxanne Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi~ When exactly on October tdoes this end? C: I plan to work on my entry this weekend, hope it won't be too late :)
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
the cotest got canceld, i college expenses. 
FlameRoxanne Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, thats a pity. Maybe then remobe the journal, can get confusing as it is up and all :-)
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i realeased a journal about that one not to long ago and made an alternative raffle competition. 
KungFu-PandaART Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Just two questions, Can I draw more than 1 character and where do I submit my work for the contest? Just need to know to make sure :).
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
sure, go ahead! more then one charater is fine. and just upload it here, I put it all in a folder. 
KungFu-PandaART Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yay!!!! Awesome thank you :D!! So I just put your name and the contest name in the description box of my art and you just put them in your folder? okay no problem :).
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
the art if you will please!
KungFu-PandaART Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh no i haven't finished it yet, i'm just checking to make sure.
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i knew that, just saying what to do once you are done. 
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